Horloge Biologique

Horloge Biologique

Cinema has proved itself to be fit for reduction. Reduction is the activity of portraying a complex idea with simple means. Sometimes the reduction works perfectly, other times the reduction is completely devoid of any real understanding of the source idea, and thus fails.

This movie deals with some pretty heavy stuff, reduces, and makes it work.

The narrative structure is impeccable. These guys have a real understanding of how a movie works. They have created a complete cosmology and spend some time self-referencing it to make their point. They even build the structure that connects the cosmology of the film to the one of real life. There is some real craft in the way they bridge that gap. Although to be able to truly understand this you may have to be a Quebecois yourself, or be part of Quebecois culture.

I see many Quebecois movies a year, and most of them are not worth your time. So when I see one that gets the basic cinematic qualities down right, I have to give it its share of merit despite of wherever else it may fail.

Another important note: some movies work into your intuitions so effortlessly that the cliches touch instead of making you cringe. This is one of them.

See it for the laughs and for the tears. A friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend after watching this. This may be some life-altering material.


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