This was shorter than I thought. So it gave off an elliptical feel, more than a suspense Wes-Craven tension. It’s like Stephen King writing Whitman poetry, in a televized apocalyptic future.

You probably know all about the self-referencing, actors on tape, hallucinations as horror movies, an eyeglasses company behind a TV conspiracy. It is clever, and pretty funny if you think about it. It helps relieve some of the horror/suspense tension, as ethereal as it is already.

But you have to see this for Cronenberg’s personal vision. Like most of our best directors, he implicetly acknowledges movies within the movie. Aldomovar does this all the time. Wong Kar-Wai as well. Godard (he never stopped). Ferrara.

And maybe this was his wish for TV to be as captivating as film. I guess, we all had high hopes in the eighties. See John Hughes for that as well.


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