Where The Truth Lies

Where The Truth Lies by Atom Egoyan

A few years deep into your cinematic education, you get to find out what kind of film you are. You then move on to appreciate a wider range of films, some for the potential they have to change your life, and others for their craft.

This is one film I can appreciate for its craft.

You have seen this before. A murder, various suspects, a journalist setting out to discover the truth. The difference here is that all the suspects are writers as well.

I am generally interested in this kind of film. Cinematically speaking it means more than one narrator, it means different eyes (cameras), various ways of looking and knowing. You cannot catch this on first viewing. But you sense how everything is intimately mastered here.

Self-reference: a show within the movie, our main actors playing actors, our actors as writers, also acting out the movie of their respective books. This is great stuff, vintage Egoyan. The mystery plot is a cinematic excuse to explore these familiar themes

Look for the psychedelic Alice stage show in the kids hospital. This is Lynch territory. It swallows you.

There is no doubt Egoyan has a strong cinematic sense. You will most likely not ‘not enjoy’ this. Go see it. But you must know–depending on which stage of your cinematic education you’re in–, which film you are and which one you aren’t.

I am not this one. Are you?


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  1. I’ve heard cool opinions about this one — even from Egoyan fans. But your review is the first I’ve read to NOT mention the whole threesome ratings bruhaha, and you actually comment on the movie! The writer-narrator bit, for example, is intriguing…

  2. saw it this morning – thought it was more about sex and fame than the process of journalism and writing. looks and feels authentic, down to the last table setting, but while the acting is all of a high standard (bacon very hard to pin down, lohman brave and spunky, firth? meh) none of the three make an overwhelming impression. it’s also very sexy – not in the 9 songs, battle in heaven way: that it shows sex, but it’s literally drenched with sex and the idea that being famous means you get laid a lot. which is fun.
    i’d agree about the alice in wonderland stuff – very LA, very strange and also, later, very erotic. matbe it’s just me.

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