Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog

Herzog works with the work in mind. He is concerned about his final product. What makes him really good is that he fails at mastering the final presentation. This makes his cinema explicitely about the process of cinema. Fitzcarraldo cannot be seen without thinking about the great production efforts! In fact it is exactly about one man’s great production efforts.

I guess he’s older now so he talks about all this stuff instead of showing it.

This will educate your eye, and I believe change your life if you’re at your early stages of your cinematic education. This is where you will understand the basic bending of truth and fiction. No wonder one of Threadwell’s best friend is an actor (look out for those squinting eyes).

Everyone’s an actor here. This movie is about a theater troop, making a play about a documentary-maker murdered by his subjects. The cinema bites the hand that feeds it.

Go see this. It is devishly delicious, if you can abstract the real-life death situation and concentrate on the filmmaking.


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