La Jetée

La Jetee de Chris Marker

I usually have no advice to give to anyone, but if people insist, I tell them to avoid film school. If to make films is what you want, watch them.

This short film here is worth 3 years of education.

Not only does it explicitely teach you editing techniques, it stylistically annotates motion by not having any motion at all. This is a very efficient teaching method and one I employ often when I wish to explain something to my students: strip the subject matter to its raw simplicity and explain the construction of the larger structure. Motion is an ingrained concept. They will understand regardless.

Wong Kar-Wai is a student of this.

Gilliam liked the story, and that’s as far as it goes. But god, what story! A man haunted by a particular memory of his childood, one of a man getting killed at an airport jetty, is one of the few survivors of a massive nuclear war. He is forced to time travel by a team of scientists who believe he can bring back some sort of solution and save the fate of humanity. He does so and succeeds, but during these travels, he falls in love with a woman. The scientists then decide to get rid of him. But he is given the opportunity to escape by a group of friends from the future. Per his request, and to escape from his predators, he is sent to the the past, where he is set to meet the woman he has fallen in love with. This woman is waiting at the airport jetty of his childhood. He runs to her, and then realizes he has been followed. He is finally killed by his follower.

The editing here left me breathless.

I won’t say anymore. But what delight to be living today and experience this. What creative drive it inspires.


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