Freaks by Tod Browning

I can’t believe how wonderful this is. The print I got to view was horrible, but the center of this still shines through, it is unavoidable.

This is a moodpiece, with loosely tied comedic skits as its basic foundation. The whole thing appears to be tied together by a thread about an evil circus lady (a trapezist) out for a midget’s fortune. But this is nothing but a sideplot, what really matters here is the use of non-actors, the bizarre spectacle of the freaks. The story appears to have been improvised as they went along. It reminds me of julien donkey-boy which is essentially Godardian and has Herzog in it as a patriarch. Godard and Herzog both come from this little film.

This is supposedly one of the first bends of truth and fiction. Nobody makes gems like this one anymore, not even independently.

See this. It might make you pick up and camera and go shoot something for God’s sake. We need it.


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