The Hand (Short) by Kar Wai Wong


This works at a notch higher than 2046, but by only a slight. And that is a much remarquable feat.

The main annotation here, and the one that lifts the whole thing up to a level higher above, is that our hero is not a writer, but a tailor! The concept of weaving is now explicit. If you have been following his films since Mood, the process of weaving has come full-circle. We have seen the angels, and now is heaven.

It’s all very simple. Before, our writer used to weave stories that would then be played out on screen, or before, or even simultaneously. These stories were love poems to women. Kar-Wai is always pointing towards a touch, the silent urgency of an unfulfilled desire. But writing is bookish. Dresses are erotic. So now the drama is more touching. No more distance, but attachment, deliberate engagement, unconditionnal commiting. Everything now points towards that need of touch. Measurements fluctuate, adjustments are made, till finally actual penetration by way of a dress.

I saw this in an Italian dub. Convenient.

Too bad this is in the short form. We were gradually progressing to something that would change us again. Hopefully this is prep for ‘Lady from Shangai’.


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