It’s noted that we look to film to define our notions of life. We construct our structures for reasoning out of the happenstances in film narratives. Some of us adopt behavioral patterns, quoting films. It is changing the way we act, the way we make decisions, or how we look at our future. This notion is acknowledged explicitely here by having Steve Martin tell us how much the story we’ve seen is “life” (real life).

But you have to make a choice about who you trust with your life and how much of this trust you allow them.

So if you want to enrich your notions of love, which are mostly notions of communication, I suggest you go to Cassavetes, or Maurice Pialat, or our wonderful young talent, Bujalski.

In any other case, you must approach this with the same distance you would approach an occasional craving for fast food. Yes, the taste might be enjoyable, but the ingredients are artificial and filled with added sugars, it is designed to seduce you, but underneath it can damage your heart.

Some of the cinematic magic here is taken from Wong, mostly in some of the entering of space. Everything else is almost insulting. I was actually offended at Steve Martin sitting in his private plane, throwing money at young women, and conducting the voiceover. To top it off we are supposed to believe he is a nice guy after all. But I like the idea of Danes playing someone being charmed into an undesirable enterprise by an older man, this man being Steve Martin, both in the reality of the film and the one of real life. You even have our couple avoid going to the movies on their first date. Some sound advice and all you need to know about this film.


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