Just Like Heaven

We are all living our own movies. Some of us channel our understanding of the world through movies because we believe movies are gateways back into ourselves. This notion is at the heart of this film here, and the reason why I recommend you acknowledge its existence. Watching it is up to you.

The idea is inherently cinematic because it is about what we watch, and what we don’t watch. A man is the watcher of his personal movie, which he falls in love with. This love is reciprocated. In the end, the movie he has been watching ends, but only to enter real life, off rememberances.

How sweet and accurate a notion. Isn’t this how we construct our lives? How we reason about new situations? Don’t we go into the cold ill-fated world of life equipped with our memories of movies, that taught us how to grow, how to live, how to be?

Our hero is a landscape architect. Someone who accomodates space. Isn’t this what we all strive for? As directors, photographers, and in this case, set decorators (production designers) of our own world?

We have a visitor from a teen movie here. He is able to sense the ghost, but not see it. Wasn’t that you as a teen?


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