Mary Jane is Not A Virgin Anymore

Director and writer: Sarah Jacobson

This is a low-budget dramatic comedy sort of coming-of-age in Smalltown, USA from a  teenage girl’s point of view. The setting is a movie theater. Most of the employees are punk rockers, vain and uninteresting. The manager is gay and is the oldest of the crowd. He lets everyone do whatever they like as long as the customers get served.

That’s the setting. The topic is what goes on between Mary Jane’s legs, a Jewish teenager about to move away for college. She doesn’t know if she fits in, and pretends to be preoccupied about it. She worries whether guys want to sleep with her because they like her or because they are only interested in sex. It turns out they are only interested in sex, and if they have to suffer through her mental anguish then it’s just an added bonus if she’s mildly touching.

The most interesting character is a bisexual punk rocker musician with the side of her head shaved. She teaches Mary Jane how to masturbate and encourages her to do so as often as possible to empower herself.

This is a story somewhere in between an afterschool sex ed special, a crybaby vanity project, and a teeny bopper Nickelodeon sitcom. It is entertaining to see where it’s all going even if it’s nowhere. Middle-class teenagers without supervision completely lost and with no guidance end up having to rely on each other for self-discovery. Everyone is suffering from a lack of love. The only real model character is the gay manager of the movie theater. He gets fired and decides to open his own movie theater down the street and in the process gets rid of the silly cast of characters populating this movie.

Overall, interesting for the singular untainted POV of the story but does not have enough depth to engage.

3 Stars.

Watch the beginning:


Categories: female leads, Notes

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