Robot Monster (1953)

Director: Phil Tucker

Where to start? I’ve taken an interest in sci-fi b-movies or c-movies, even down to z. I think I’m looking for singular POV’s, untainted, apart from everything else. Lack of logic, pure fantasy, cheap tricks, laziness or any other kind of distortion of reality or professional aesthetic. Herzog’s “ecstatic truth” has to be somewhere in these kind of projects.

I understand that this movie was not a success at the box office when it came out. Why not? Although the effects are cheap, the logic is lacking, the exposition is blatant, there is a purity in intent that is undeniable. It’s a cheap robot alien movie made on the go, but it’s also about the human spirit, and it all seems to spring from the mind of a 8 year old boy.

In other words, I don’t think this is a cheap movie at all. It’s a work of art which has fortunately escaped the grasp of high intellects and academics and classical movie critics. It stands on its own as something that shouldn’t even be written about. So I’m going to stop this review short.

But before I go I’ll say this. It’s about the human mind, and how it becomes robotized and wants to kill its soul because something is telling it to. It’s about defying that authority, recognizing love, and all that other good stuff. There, I already said too much.

5 stars.


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