2 Days In New York (2012)


Director: Julie Delpy

Julie’s family is French and they are coming over for a short stay in New York. They are to meet with Chris Rock, who plays a squeamish submissive husband to his French whore. Julie is an artist who takes photographs of couples in bed who look like the passion in their marriage has waned. In other words, there is no sex in the champagne room.

Julie’s family acts outrageous, and creates a lot of awkward situations for Chris Rock, whose method of therapy is talking to a cardboard cutout of Obama. He is also a radio host for NPR where he talks freely about his personal problems and gets calls from female listeners asking him out on dates.

I don’t know what to say exactly about this zany film. It’s funny for sure, but more in a sitcom way. Delpy was juggling a lot of interesting ideas and she crammed them all in with no overall structure. It works in a comedic improvisation kind of way. But it doesn’t paint a positive image of French women. Then again, speaking from experience, she is not that far off…they are all crazy these French people.

French Folding: Delpy’s real-life father plays his own role.

3 Stars. (Hello Em…)


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