Easy Money (2010)


Director: Daniel Espinosa

A university student gets involved in a operation to launder 20 million dollars of drug money.

How in the world would anyone with no connections to the underworld end up in such a situation? Highly unlikely. Regardless, this is the story depicted here, but no matter how hard they try to make it seem realistic, through handheld cameras, a love interest, or general pathos, nothing ever quite sticks.

A Serbian gangster makes an alliance with the student. He has a daughter to take care of and wants out of the drug business for good. Our student sensing he is about to be double crossed by his Arab associates agrees to give him the details about the transaction which is to take place inside a warehouse. The cocaine is package inside frozen cabbages. Everything goes wrong. The police comes. People die. Our student goes to jail.

I haven’t felt this empty after watching a movie since Bergman. The characterizations seem engaging but the plot which is way too predictable unfolds at a snail’s pace, and never delivers. There is a sense of a miserabilist fate over every character, and that’s a terrible place to be as a viewer. Cliche after cliche, watching everybody heading towards their doom.

To avoid. Although if you feel like being fooled, this is the one.

2 stars.


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