Gigantic (2008)


I might have liked this, 7 years ago, I was naive. I might have liked this, because I wasn’t broken just yet. I was still easily seduced. I was stupid really.

But many films later, and many film experiences, and many opportunities to reflect on my real life against my film-watching life led me to understand the layers that truly matter in both worlds, my life, and movies. What I have lived through, has deepened the meaning and the worth of a film and adjusted the standards to which I judge it. So when it comes to romance in films, if they don’t map out in the same way I expect them to in real life, and if they don’t involve the same kind of exploration, or the same kind of risk taking, the same push, then I completely reject it, as is the case here.

The story here is set in New York city, which is kind of a shorthand to strengthen the love connection. But I’m sorry to report the city is not well photographed, and in fact the movie mostly takes place in interiors, missing the opportunity.

Besides all that, we have very weak characters, vague and undefined. A romance that fails to click . Acting of the sitcom variety. And a script that seems put together piecemeal. The only interesting bit is the role of the parents in the story. They are all cooler than the kids!

I don’t even remember how this film made it on my radar. Oh, I think I know, an old guy recommended it. Old guy, you don’t know me!


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