Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)


I like this one a lot. Most people will tell you that the main character is unlikeable, and that it makes for a dull film. But if you can find it in your heart to love this guy, to try to understand him, you will see that it makes a difference.  Llewyn Davis needs a friend. So this movie needs you.

By itself, it is nothing. It only exists if you are open to it. You cannot say “I did not like it.” because it is not there to be liked, or disliked. It has a message to transmit. Something for the future. That spooky future.

Carey Mulligan shows us once again she has but one register to work with. John Goodman reprises his role from Barton Fink. There are some mirroring effects, with different cats, and our protagonist. And there is a reference to Akron, Ohio, another famous creative hub (home to Jarmusch, The Cramps, Pere Ubu). And there is also, Bob Dylan.

Here’s how I think the world works: there is no Bob Dylan without Llewyn Davis. Everyone has their own path to walk, amongst different types. Comparisons are simply hypothetical tools. We are mere components of a larger system.



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