La Vie de Jésus – Bruno Dumont (1997)

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Naturalistic Terrence Malick style, mixed with New Wave. Fictional ethnographic documentary. Pasolini meets Carax and Lars Von Trier.

Beautifully shot to bring out texture and one of a kind light. Portrait of a small rural town that gets atmosphere right. Poetry in the faces of the non-actors. Telegraphing Italian neorealism.

Doomed youth, like Canadian filmmaker Gregg Araki (Nowhere (1997)) or American Larry Clark (Kids (1995)). Crude sex. Gang shenanigans.

Mostly meditative study without story, but there is a plot point about Arab-French racial tensions.

Many Ozu-like compositions, and colors. Those colors, washed out blues and vibrant cream-beiges. Really, a bizarre James Dean teen drama, but rebellion replaced with existential angst.


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